Star Wars: Uprising

Star Wars: Uprising won Editor's Choice accolades in over 140 countries for iOS and Android.  I contributed to the team as Art Director for the characters, equipment system, weapons and in-game illustrations.  It was a challenging endeavor, but based on both Editorial and fan response, it was well worth it!  An amazing group of folks put their heart into the title and I'm proud I had the opportunity to work with them.  

Kingdoms of Camelot

There have been so many talented folks that contributed to the success of KoC as a 200 million dollar franchise for Kabam.  For my time as Art Director, a main focus was to up the fidelity of the city art.  As a web title and largely static experience, I wanted to add some visual excitement through use of light and color.  Built on legacy tech, we added animation where we could via the waterfalls.  We also continued to update the UI and introduced 3D into the art pipeline. Artists who contributed to these images include: Amie Alvarez, Ariel Alvarez, Jordan Louie, Dave McNeal, Zach Oldenkamp and Kristina Wayte.

Realm of the Mad God

As a corporate acquisition by Kabam, my team took over responsibilities for Realm of the Mad God.  My initial contribution was to help give the brand a new, dynamic marketing presence.  We had a new logo designed and reimagined the face of the game.  I wanted these pieces to represent what our game box might look like if we were a tangible product on the shelf.  The game itself is a flat pixel shooter, and my vision for the new marketing art was to bring that 2D pixel art to life, like toys off the shelf.  The very talented Dave McNeal did the heavy lifting as he skillfully brought the vision to life.

Google Lively

I worked on Google Lively as the Lead Painter, also contributing through some 3D environment production, texture painting, high-level planning and feedback to outsource vendors.  This was a massive project with thousands of assets by way of characters, clothing sets and environments.  The art team was stacked with talent-- Creative Director: Jeff Matsuda, 3D Leads: Mike Christian, Kevin Hanna, Animation Lead: Brian Wyser, 3D Environment Leads: Rich Larm, Matty Murakami, Concept Designers: Jose Lopez, Jon Suzuki, Hakjoon Kang & John Paik.  We also worked with some fantastic studios in China including Mindwalk Studios and Radiance.