Glory of Rome

Glory of Rome was the very first title I worked on at Kabam.  Like many of the web strategy games at that time, GoR was a static 2D city building experience.  My job, first as Art Lead and later as Art Director was to help raise the bar by injecting some life and diversity to excite and engage players.  The players had been building the same Roman styled cities for a while, so we took them to new regions of the empire to mix it up.  We pushed depth in the maps and leveraged color to communicate mood as well as introduced 3D into the art pipeline.  Challenged by the static 2D experience, we looked to insert dynamic illustrations wherever possible through load screens, battle reports, and story moments.  Artists who contributed to these images include: Amie Alvarez, Ariel Alvarez, John Brassell, Zach Oldenkamp and Kristina Wayte.